The Comedians that never were… Chris Pine

 When I get a bit of freetime I enjoy watching the American chat shows and catching up on the interviews I haven’t seen before and sometimes I across something that will inspire an article or a theme for a strand of articles and by watching a 2 minute video of Jimmy Kimmel, it worked it’s magic again.

I was watching an interview with top Hollywood Star Chris Pine, who was there promoting his latest film (i think it was from last year) and then he started to talk about somthing that I didn’t even know that he had dabbled with – stand up comedy. Watch the clip below.

Now, to anyone who saw his Saturday Night Live where he was host or any of the comedy based films that he has appeared in then you will be aware that he has very good comedic timing so to find out that he had dabbled in the world of stand up to me wasnt that much as a surprise.

Chris has appeared in many films (Horrible Bosses 2) television shows (Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp) and even sketches on Youtube that are all comedic and leave him taking the mickey out of himself which in some ways does beg to ask the question as to why he doesnt do stand up as he is naturally quite funny.

From watching that one clip above it made me think – which other big names in Hollywood have done stand up before they were actors?

In the next few weeks we are going to look at the biggest names in Hollywood and a few from the UK TV industry that hae tried stand up comedy but didnt stick with it! So whist Chris Pines attempt to do stand up didn’t end up going any where, lets kick off this strand of articles in style by looking at some of his best bits in SNL and other comedi sketches

SNL Monologue

If Congress was your co-worker

Chris Pine Can’t Stop Eating

Pa-gents with Chris Pine

Vampire Lawyer

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