INTERVIEW: Queenys Cakes 

Ever so often on The Phoenix Remix we reach out to young professionals who are starting new business ventures. 

Last month we had guest Rebecca from Younique and this month we have something special. 

Later today we are kicking off our brand new food article Taste of States so we thought we would interview someone whose world is all about baking. 

I met up with Ellen Foster from Queenie cakes to talk all about her new business. 

Hello Ellen! Tell us about your company?

My cake business is called Queeny’s Cakes and I specialise in bespoke cake designs and creations for all occasions in and around Hampshire.

How did you get into baking? 

My nan used to stand in the kitchen for hours making cakes for family occasions and I always loved the idea of carrying on that tradition. It started off as small family events and has continued to grow for the past 10 years before I decided to make a proper business from my favourite hobby!

What’s your favourite thing to bake and why? 

Cake! I genuinely love the whole process of baking a cake and decorating it. Something about the smell travelling through the house while I’m creating fondant models and pretty flowers makes me smile so much.
What’s the best thing about baking for others? 

The appreciation. When someone tells me how happy they are with a cake or pays me a compliment about one of my creations it makes all the late nights and early mornings worth it.

What’s  the most challenging thing as a baker? 

For me it would be transporting a cake from A to B. It doesn’t matter how well structured a cake is; I always drive like a snail for fear of opening the box at the end of the journey and finding a mess! I’m so lucky this hasn’t happened to me yet.

What bakers / chefs inspire you and why?

Commercially, it would have to be the bakers and cake designers at Evil Cake Genius. The cake ‘hacks’ they offer design fanatics like me are a piece of art in themselves.

On a personal level my biggest inspiration for baking is my Nan. Her love of pleasing people through her cooking is something I have definitely inherited.
Is there any cakes you really want to make and why? 

Yes! A Harry Potter cake with tons of geeky details. My husband is a huge Harry Potter fan and every year I say I’ll make him a cake but unfortunately for him paying customers get to jump the queue ahead of him.

Whats been your favourite cake request and why? 

I recently got to make a princess castle cake and I had free reign on any details I wanted to add to the design. It bought out the inner child in me!
If people want to find out more about you where can they go? 

I have a Facebook page setup:

and Instagram too: @queenys.cakes

What do you think shows like GBBO have done for Baking? 

I think these shows have just got people back to being creative in general, as well as in the kitchen. I believe everyone has creative elements in different aspects of their life but its easy to squash that side of you when everyday pressures take over. Shows like this make you want to get in the kitchen and make a mess, pick up a paintbrush again or sing a bit louder in the shower.

If people want to get into baking what would you reccomend/ advice would you give? 

Try it out! Find a recipe you like and give it a go. Watch videos, tutorials, follow other bakers and sketch ideas if you’re looking to do something a little bit more design based too. There’s so much out there to guide you.
Finally explain why people should come to you for cake orders?

If people are looking for a bespoke celebration cake in the Hampshire area from a friendly face, then I can help (wedding, christening, birthday, hen party – you name it!). I offer a free quote and can provide a mock up your cake ahead of time too!

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