The Games That Time Forgot – Keef the Thief: A Boy and his Lockpick, Apple IIGS 

Today we look at a game that was produced by the company Naughty Dog before they went on an adventure and created the worlds favourite Bandicoot. Before the Bandicoot their was a Thief and that Thief was called Keef.


Keef the Thief was produced in 1989 for the Apple IIGS, it was developed by Naughty Dog and Published by Electronic Arts. The game was a mixture of both adventure and role-playing games. The story is based around Keef who is an orphan who has been exiled from his city because he didn’t have the skills that the people that lived there did, all he can do is steal. So the main part of the story is that Keef became a Thief and decided to fight people.


The graphics were pretty simple, with button options at the bottom of the screen such as Look, Steal, Use, Cast etc you also have a compass to navigate throughout the game. The aim of the game is to steal items whilst having fun and exploring on the way. Apparently the game was created to be a parody of other games that are similar.


The game was met with mixed reviews predominantly negative, a lot of people found the music annoying (and the on and off switch for the sound very helpful.) One reviewer refused to give it any stars at all and didn’t recommend it because of its “antiquated copy-protection system.”


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