Question Roulette – Trying to tell somene what you want…

Three years ago i bought a book in Tampa which is meant to be a great for creative like minds and for the past three years I have made it my New Years Resolution to complete it. The book is called 642 Things To Write About by The San Francisco Writers Grotto. I never got round to writing many of them so what’s a better way then getting through them then writing a few as an article each week! Enjoy!



145. Put two characters, each of whom wants something from the other, in a room together. Neither of them is allowed to ask for it straight out. Give them five minutes with only dialogue to get what they want.

“So eh, Ally, I see that you have the golden pencil there in your hand”

“Ha, yes I do Jake, I see that you are wearing those sunglasses on your head. We are inside. Didn’t you find them on the floor of the grass outside our building?”

“Yes I did, someone must of dropped them. So the pencil – it’s very shiny, it looks like its been polished, maybe a lot so that no-one would use it”

“Yes well I saw it on the side and I desperately needed to write down something. So these sunglasses are they sure they don’t look familiar to you?”

” you mention it yes they do…i wonder if they are my boyfriends…”

*Ally rolls her eyes*

146. Write two prayers for your character: one to be said in private, one to be said in public

Public –

‘Please make sure everyone is happy and that we all aim to get along with one another. Everyone should love one another and please being peace to everyone.’

Private –

‘ Please make sure I get the job I want. Please make sure that guy I really like asks me out. please make sure that I get lots of money.’









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