The Games That Time Forgot – Crash Bash, Playstation 1

Screen Shot 2017-08-14 at 11.17.56A lot of people are very excited at the moment because Crash Bandicoot has been remastered and been made available on PS4. However there was a game that was released on the PS1 that has been forgotten about in the Crash Universe and deserves an article in its honour – Crash Bash. 

The game was the fifth instalment in the Crash Bandicoot universe and was released in 2 the year 2000. The game was full of firsts – it was the first ever Bandicoot game to be based on party mode games and was also the first to be developed by a company that wasn’t Naughty Dog as they went off to focus on the game franchise Jak and Daxtar.

The game was based all around a number of minigames to prove who was better – the good of the evil side. The aim was to knock out your contenders and to win in the trails held by Aku Aku and Uka Uka.

The main game was adventure mode which could be played with one or two people and the aim was to compete all the mini games to win the game. In the adventure mode there was also bosses you had to beat. The games included a game involving pogo sticks, ice rinks and a alot more.

The game was welcomed with a lot of mixed reviews with praise given to the graphics and criticism given was shallow and only fun with more people. I used to play this game and I can honestly say it was never my favourite Crash game, it used to irritate me. I remember being annoyed that a platform game hadn’t been released this time round as it followed Crash Team Racing and I was really looking forward for another platform game and then this came out.

I didn’t really like the mini games I found them frustrating especially when you were playing solo, it wasn’t a very friendly solo player game and was really irritating at times. Whilst in my view, nothing will beat the original 3, I still think that it is nice to have these games to look back on and that the Crash universe tried something new but sadly it didn’t do as well as fans were hoping.

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