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Forgotten Pop! – This Week – Kim Kardashian

​She is married to one of the biggest names in rap, but there was a time when she develed into the music industry herself. She may be one of the biggest names in reality television but there was a time when she released a song. Today we look at the short lived music career of Kim Kardashianb.

In 2010, Kim was introduced to The-Dream who had produced huge hit songs for other musicians such as Umbrella for Rihanna and Single Ladies for Beyonce. He contacted her with an interest to produce a song with her as the leading lady. In previous interviews that Kim has given she states that she reached out to her friends in the music industry such as Kanye West for advice as to whether she should do it. In interviews it is reported that the advice she was given that it would be something she could do for a fun experience and then the magic started to take place.

The song was launched on Twitter where a video was released of the premiere of the song which happened on 31st December 2010 at a NYE part in Las Vegas nightclub TAO. The song called Turn It Up was officially premiered on the show On Air with Ryan Seacrest and was released two days later onto itunes. A portion of the money raised from the song was to go towards the St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital. The song reached number 17 in the official US Billboard charts and even had a music video.

Whilst this song was only recorded for her television show, there was still a music video to go alongside it, which can be viewed below = enjoy!

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