INTERVIEW: Meet Improv Troupe Lady’s Inconvenience

With their next show happening this Thursday in Colchester at the Headgate Theatre, we thought it was time to meet the troupe behind the show! So we sat down with members of Lady’s Inconvenience to discuss all things improv!

Hello Guys! Tell us about Lady’s Inconvenience! Who you all are and a little bit about yourselves?

AMY: We are an Essex based improv troupe. We have eight members. Casey Khan-Cudmore, Clarke Joseph Edwards, Holly Hosler-White, Ben Huish, Jay Lyme, Dom Short, Dean Stokes and Amy Trigg. I’m Amy and I’m an Essex based actress.

DOM: We’re a group of improvisers with one consciousness, I jest, I can’t talk for everyone but I’m a twenty year old drama school student currently based between Guildford and Chelmsford.

CASEY: We’re a rag tag, crazy bunch of wannabe superstars! I’m Casey, Justin Timberlake wannabe.

BEN: Our mums say we’re funny.

JAY: Lady’s Inconvenience is a collective of people who all know each other as friends and friends of friends. Too many friends? We all have different personalities but come together for a shared passion, like the power rangers!


How did you come up with the name Lady’s Inconvenience?
CASEY: I have no clue, I think it came from Amy’s dog?
DOM: The origins of the group began in Amy’s living room…
BEN: Much to the disgust of Lady, Amy’s dog, who barked and scratched at the door all night. Thus the name ‘Lady’s Inconvenience’ was born!

How did you guys form an improv group?
CASEY: Amy Trigg, the delightful human she is, brought us all together.
DOM: Amy brought together a team of heroes to bring improv to the masses.
BEN: It was Amy’s idea, we can all hold her accountable!
JAY: I joined later than the official forming of the world’s greatest people. I’m a side note!
AMY: But a very nice side note. I’m a wheelchair user and found the London improv scene pretty inaccessible so I decided to ‘build the ark’ as it were. An Essex based, accessible improv ark.

“As a disabled actress I normally play characters with disabilities, in improv I can play whatever characters I like: disabled or not.” – Amy

Tell us all about the show that you are bringing to Colchester this month?
AMY: It’s a short form improv show. If you like ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’ then you’ll enjoy our show! We’ve come up with some new games which we’ll be playing for the first time in front of an audience. Our performance will be BSL interpreted by the wonderful Alim Jadavji. We’ll also be experimenting with some integrated audio description.
HOLLY: Which we’re still working on but are determined to perfect.
DOM: It’s a combination of short and long form improv, coined as shlongform by us. It will be an utterly huge barrel of laughs
BEN: Definitely for us, hopefully for the audience too!
JAY: The show in Colchester has a selection of our favourite improv games. No two shows are alike!
CASEY: It’s our first show that is solely us with pure short form improv.
AMY: Don’t forget the shlongform.

What are your favourite things about performing improv and why?
DOM: It’s a joint journey between audience and improviser where the audience have as much input as we do, which is exciting. Plus it’s so unpredictable, you can never get bored of it, because it’s never the same.
BEN: It’s really enjoyable to allow yourself to be really silly and uninhibited and just go with whatever crazy idea that pops into your head! That’s probably my favourite thing!
JAY: My favourite things about performing improv is the atmosphere it creates in any room, because no matter what, we are all having fun doing it and I hope that that comes across in our performances. I also like attention.
CASEY: I personally love the buzz from never knowing what’s coming next. Also the crowds reaction is a massive hit of adrenaline!
HOLLY: Creating characters, wacky ones, ones you’d never be cast as, sometimes ones you’d never hope to meet again!
AMY: Absolutely what Holly said. As a disabled actress I normally play characters with disabilities, in improv I can play whatever characters I like: disabled or not.


What have been the highlights of the shows you have performed previously?
DOM: Having an audience member make me do the splits.
JAY: When I see how others are performing, and no matter what, I will always be thinking; Wow! That was hilarious or OMG! I never thought of that.
HOLLY: I haven’t performed in a show with Lady’s Inconvenience just yet, however I love the game Jeopardy, in fact I take myself out of playing the game sometimes just because I laugh so much.
CASEY: It’s the way we suddenly all click and come together, somehow in front of an audience we just get each other and create some brilliant moments.
BEN: This is actually my first show!
AMY: This is when we discover Ben is awful. Awks.

“It’s a joint journey between audience and improviser where the audience have as much input as we do…” – Dom

What other improv groups do you find inspiring and why?
DOM: UCB, absolute class improvisers who are effortlessly funny
JAY: I have always been a huge fan of Improvisors such as Colin Mochrie and Ryan Stiles from ‘Whose Line is it Anyway?’, but closer to home I have enjoyed performances by Grand Theft Impro as they have a kind of wacky set of personalities which appeals to my sense of humour.
CASEY: I’m a massive fan of The Noise Next Door. I admire groups that can sing improv and also do Long Form without it wearing thin.
HOLLY: Not an improv group but an improviser – I’m a huge fan of Josie Lawrence, I discovered her at a young age and just fell in love with this crazy lady with so many ideas, she proved to me that women can work in improv/comedy which can sometimes be seen as a ‘mans world’.

You are from Essex – is there a big improv scene there?
DOM: Not from what I’ve seen, maybe we’re trailblazers, who knows?
CASEY: I’m pretty sure we’re the very first to do BSL interpreted improv in Essex!
JAY: I think there is a big improv scene waiting to burst through.
AMY: Yeah, there are people interested, it’s just a case of bringing them all together and creating improv opportunities.

If people wanted to get involved how would they go about doing it?
DOM: Go to improv workshops, set up a group and watch improv.
CASEY: Research some solid groups and workshops, best bet is to see what’s happening in London and book onto a course or two.
HOLLY: Just get in touch! We might be starting some workshops soon, so watch this space.
AMY: What Holly said, it’s always lovely to connect with fellow improv nerds…or future improv nerds!

Screen Shot 2017-07-20 at 10.12.25

If people want to find out more about you where can they follow you on social media?
AMY: You can find us on twitter @l_inconvenience and Facebook @Ladysinconvenience.
JAY: Or for fans of Jay then @jaylyme
CASEY: Personally I think we should set up a Snapchat account to snap all our delightful adventures.
AMY: We should! I’m useless at it. Casey, you can do it. So, yeah, we’ll soon be on snapchat!

And Finally – in three words, why should people come and see you at the Headgate Theatre?
DOM: What better Thursday?
BEN: Funny, good times.
HOLLY: Laughter and mishaps.
JAY: ‘We crave attention’ or ‘Side splitting fun’ or ‘Fun Improvised Chaos’
AMY: Alright, calm down side note.


Catch Lady Inconveniance at The Headgate Theatre, Colchester on Thursday 27th July. It starts at 8pm and tickets are only £8.

Written by Holly

Hello! My name is Holly and I am the Editor of The Phoenix Remix. I am a Video Editor in the Television Industry. I write this website as a hobby in my spare time. Comedy and Music run through my veins and I love writing about them both, I adore interviewing acts and always on the lookout for something new!

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