The Games That Time Forgot – South Park: Chef’s Luv Shack, Playstation 1

They were an iconic figure of the adult comedy scene in the nineties and even today they are a huge name in animation and also one of the longest running shows of it time. Over the time they have been the faces of many computer games, inlcuding one that was set in a gameshow format that was fun to play but also quite difficult at times to control – South Park: Chef’s Luv Shack.

South Parks Chef’s Luv Shack was released in 1999 and deveoped by Acclaim Studios Austin and Distributed by Comedy Central. The game was made for many game consoles including Nintendo 64, Dreamcast and Microsfot windows. The version for the Playstation was the only one to use the capabilities of the four player adpater.

The game was 2D based gameshow quiz game where the questions where broken down with mini games that were themed around the cartoon show. The game could have up to 4 players where you all could play as one of the characters from South Park. The players would win points by answering questions correctly or by winning the mini games.

The game received a variety of mix reviews with a lot of them aiming more at a negative angle due to the simplicity and errors throughout the game.

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