Russell Howard and Mum on the road for 4 more seasons!

​In recent years, the trend in television has to take a comedian and make them travel around the world in some way or form. There has been everything from Ricky Gervais sending Karl Pilkington around the world as one big joke for SKY 1, to actual travel logs such as Asian Provocateur with Romesh Ranganathan for the BBC and Richard Ayoade bringing comedians away with him in Channel 4s Travel Man.  Well now it looks like there is another show to add to a regular travel series to this list – Russell Howard & Mum Road Trip.

The first season saw Russell Howard and his mum travel around America meeting interesting people and doing some crazy tasks along the way with the running joke being that everyone thought that Russell and his mum were a couple. The show was already renewed for season 2 which is set to air this autumn, however it has now been renewed for a season 3 and a season 4.

The new seasons will see the comedic duo go to Asia and North Europe and the length of the show will extend to 60 minutes instead of the classic 30. So, to celebrate the return of the mother and son duo – lets look at some of the best bits from season 1.

Mum’s Got a Gun

Graffiti Artists

Destruction Derby

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