Miranda to Return?

​There has been rumours left right and centre that a much loved comedy show may be returning to the BBC, but how true are the actual; rumours that are flying around? Apparently the cast of the much loved BBC show Miranda are in talks to return for more episodes of the show.

In recent interviews, love interest Gary, played by Tom Ellis has been dropping a few hints that have lead to mor rumours of the shows return. In a recent interview with the Huffington Post Elis stated that thhe cast are in talks about potential new episodes but its really hard to get everyone in the same room due to scheduling issues. Miranda Hart is currently appearing in Annie on the West End and Tom Ellis has a main role in the television show Lucifer.

There have also been interviews with other members of the cast including Sarah Hadland who plays best friend Stevie who has also stated in interviews this year that the show could return at some stage.

So, lets look back at some of the best bits of the sitcom and why is got seven million viewers every week that would laugh along with Mirandas calamities.

Automated Operator


Geese Attack

Alpha Male


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