The Dear Diaries – A final word

When I first decided to put parts of my diary online, I wasn’t sure how i felt about it, reading back school memories you haven’t read in years is really hard to do it brings back embarrassing memories, things you deliberately forgot and all the fun in between. I wanted to see how I felt writing out bits of it because as someone who does a lot of comedy, I wanted to test myself to see how i felt about it and maybe use it in the future to create jokes from if i ever decide to do stand up comedy.

Whilst I have admitted I have missed bits and bobs out, that doesn’t rally bother me and I am glad I did. Like i said on the start of the new diary, There are a few people that meant a lot of me and whilst they are mentioned I have missed a lot out of the bits that to me I want to keep private because they mean a lot to me even today. I am glad I changed names and Its been fun talking to a few of my old school friends who i am still really good friends with as they have been trying to work out who is who and its bee really fun them trying to work it out and also going down a trip down memory lane too.





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