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The Travel Book – Zoo Aquarium, Madrid, Spain

If you are going to Madrid anytime soon then there is a place that you must check out if you have the time and want to do something a little bit out of the city, Zoo Aquarium.

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The Zoo Aquarium is based 900 metres from the metro stations Casa de Campo. To get to the zoo you have to walk down a hill which is full of trees and a style of park. On a good day you get a nice view and a lovely little walk to the Zoo Aquarium. The entrance to the zoo is 17.90€ for adults and 15.90€ for children. This may seem expensive but the park is very big and will take you a long time to get around it.


The zoo is not just a place to see animals, it is also a place where they have a lot of conservation projects including one for Giant Pandas, contributing to the Australian Koala Foundation and priority conservation for Cantabrian Mountain ecosystems such as the bears that have been rescued from Spanish circuses.

The zoo is home to a number of different animals including Giraffe, American Bison, Barbary Sheep, African Sea Eagle, Jackass Penguin and Sacred Ibis.

If you are looking for a fun day out for all the family then this will be a place for you!





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