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If you are a fan of Improv then the show that starts tonight on Channel 4, Host The Week, may be somethng that you want to tune in for. The show which is part of a three episode season, kicks off tonight at 9pm and sees different hosts each week put through a number of different tasks and challenges such as topical sketches, satirical news shows and a game show with real life contestants.

The show has been described as a version of Saturday Night Live mixed with Immersive theatre. The first show kicks off with Reality TV star Scarlett Moffatt hosting and in the series to come will see comedians such as Jack Whitehall taking on the challenge. Each of the hosts will be joined by an array of improvisers and comedians. Each of the tasks and challenges the hosts will face will depict and celebrate a part of that persons life and career.

The show is being directed by comedian Tom Parry who is from the award winning sketch group Pappys and has been produced by Tiger Aspect Productions.


Watch tonight at 9pm Channel 4