The Dear Diaries – Army days, year 11 and the moment that opened my eyes to my career path…

The other day I came across my teenage diaries. When I was 12/13 it was around the time Bridget Jones Diary was released and I became addicted to the idea of writing a diary so that’s what I did everyday! I remember the feeling I had when I had a great day and would come home and write what happened and all the gossip that was happening! At the time it meant a lot to have this all written down and it’s funny, even after all these years I still have the same feelings when I read certain stories and cringe a lot a others as well.I loved school and everything o wrote down still brings back great and even cringeworthy memories!

In this feature I will be writing some of my entries – there will be some I won’t due to embarrassments to me or to others, but there will be a lot that will be written! I mean hey, 5 years of diary entries that’s a lot!!!
Last time, it was all about the media school trip to New York City!

All names will be changed and some will be named using a symbol system I made back in the day.. anyway you will get the jist.

Between the years of 10 and 11 there was a lot of Army based things that came to the school or we were invited to go to. I had no interest in joining the army but only signed up to them to miss lessons and do some fun activities. 





It was the Army thing today we had to make mazes, go over barrels with planks to the other side, running joined by the feet and an obstacle course. In the afternoon an INFLATABLE assault course! SO fun! The first time I was meant to face Grayson but ended up facing someone else instead. The second time I was vs Lee it was so fun! 


Hi! Had a uni thing today (they had a one on one talk with each student about what they want to be when they leave college) After Uni thing sprayed Grayson with water and he filled up a bucket with Robert and went to throw it at me but missed! 

We now skip to year 11


Back at skool

Hey went back to school today! Good fun! OMG timetable is different – way weird! Sit next to BFP in my classes today! 


Had a good day today! After school got the bus with — we had a long chat

For Media GCSE we had to create a 15 minute short film with the points going towards our final grade – my group decided to Big Brother because I thought it would be a good thing to do as it was big at the time, different to what others where doing and we could make stuff up on the spot if the script didn’t go well. I found the DVD of this a few months ago – i still have it as its my first ever thing i edited and welcomed me into what would be my career but also so cringe to watch. 


Filmed Big Brother production for Media today. Over Funny. In it Kev was a Goth. We filmed the spinny game at the end and he fell over for real it was so funny. 


Hey dudes! Good day! Started to edit for BB! Had a good chat with BFP today! 


Hi! Prefect dinner tonight so good! Went on the dance machine against Lee. 

More tomorrow 

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