The Dear Diaries…. A Media Trip to NYC and meeting Mel B from the Spice Girls.

The other day I came across my teenage diaries. When I was 12/13 it was around the time Bridget Jones Diary was released and I became addicted to the idea of writing a diary so that’s what I did everyday! I remember the feeling I had when I had a great day and would come home and write what happened and all the gossip that was happening! At the time it meant a lot to have this all written down and it’s funny, even after all these years I still have the same feelings when I read certain stories and cringe a lot a others as well.I loved school and everything o wrote down still brings back great and even cringeworthy memories!

In this feature I will be writing some of my entries – there will be some I won’t due to embarrassments to me or to others, but there will be a lot that will be written! I mean hey, 5 years of diary entries that’s a lot!!!
Last time,  there was a lot of play fighting, a new mobile phone and the news I was to be a prefect!

All names will be changed and some will be named using a symbol system I made back in the day.. anyway you will get the jist.

In year 10 – media studies students were offered the opportunity to go to NYC as part of their studies. We were the first and only year to go to New York, every other year before went to Disneyland Paris. 

Whilst reading this you have probably been thinking that some of my diary entries have been really short- well this isn’t really the case, I have ben cutting out certain stories either because they are not fun to read, a bit to crazy to write or they are just plain stupid and about really silly things and a lot of the time its because I cannot understand my writing. So if this blog post shocks you then you should be aware that the Belgium trip mentioned a while a go was cut down from 6 pages! This was a weeks trip so I will cut it down for entertainment factor but you will get the general overview. 




NY was so fun! Arrived home yesterday. On Monday we departed from School to the Airport. At the airport bought magazines, On the place was sitting next to Elis for lift off we spoke. Then Lee sat with me. There was a TV on the back of the seat. For lunch we had Chicken with beans and mash, grapes, cheese and biscuits and ice cream! For a snack later on we had cream cheese, cheddar and ham roll, ready salted crisp and toffee crisp. 

We arrived at about 4:30pm, we went through immigration then we got on a coach. The weather was dull for first day. We dropped our things off at the hotel then went for a walk around NY. We went to Times Square for a Pizza Hut Dinner. I sat with Zelda and Lee. 

Day 2 – In the morning we went for a walk around Broadway, Central Park and Times Square. We then went on a HEAVY speed boat called ‘The Beast’!!! So fast got drenched! Went to Planet Hollywood for Dinner. Saw clothes from Moulin Rouge, Britney Spears, Austin Powers etc. We saw the Broadway show Bombay Dreams at night.

Day 3 – We visited NBC studios – fun! We went on the Rockefeller tour – BORING. We got Taxis to Bloomingdales. Afterwards we went to the hard Rock Cafe – too cool saw signed Nirvana, Manson and Guns N Roses guitars. Afterwards got a taxi for Bloomingdales again. At night we went up the Empire State – SO COOL!

oo before we go on you should know – before we went to New York we all had pen pals and go to visit a school from where our pen pals were studying. 

Day 4 – We went to the school. We got showed around first by a girl and guy called Alan then 2 guys called David and Eric! Got their email addys! Went to Ground Zero – really sad. Had dinner at Tad Steaks House – nice! In the evening went and saw Rent staring Mel B From the Spice Girls and got a photo with her!! 

Day 5 – went shopping and got the plane home. 






More tomorrow 

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