Screen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.46.27If there is one place that you should put on your list to see if you are in the area of Naples in Italy then it should be the Citia Di Pompei, one of the most famous locations historically and will really open up your mind to the disaster and the effect it had on the city of Pompeii.


The ruins of the ancient city are located in the zone of Pompei Scavi and is the home ofScreen Shot 2017-06-05 at 10.46.43
many streets and ruins of houses and theatres that were damaged by the eruption of Mount Vesuvius. People travel far and wide to visit the historic site that is strong and significant proof of Roman Civilisation. The best way to see Pompeii Is to pre book your ticket online because as you can imagine it is a very popular tourist attraction and by booking online you will be able to skip the line and even have a bus included and tickets start from around £14.50. If you want to have a guided tour around the site you can pre book these as well and you can find out more information on the Pompeii website.

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The site is very big so be prepared to walk a lot and make time to make sure you see all of the sites including the theatres, the living areas and the landmarks that still remain. One of the things you must see if you visit pompeii is the people that were covered in the pyroclastic flow and pyroclastic surge that hit the city. While they feel quite morbid seeing them, at the same time they are fascinating to see and really emphasise how big the disaster actually was. The “frozen” people (as one site names them) are now behind glass cabinets instead of being free to view and touch, this is because people were chipping of parts of the body and taking it home as souvenirs.

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Pompeii is a great place to visit to relive history but don’t expect it to be as old as you expect it to look as it is regularly maintained to make it look appealing to the tourists that flock to visit it every year.