The Dear Diaries… being told off for flirting and maybe a reason I got interested in animation as a career… 

The other day I came across my teenage diaries. When I was 12/13 it was around the time Bridget Jones Diary was released and I became addicted to the idea of writing a diary so that’s what I did everyday! I remember the feeling I had when I had a great day and would come home and write what happened and all the gossip that was happening! At the time it meant a lot to have this all written down and it’s funny, even after all these years I still have the same feelings when I read certain stories and cringe a lot a others as well.
I loved school and everything o wrote down still brings back great and even cringeworthy memories!
In this feature I will be writing some of my entries – there will be some I won’t due to embarrassments to me or to others, but there will be a lot that will be written! I mean hey, 5 years of diary entries that’s a lot!!!

Last time, we entered the world of year 10, I questioned whether I fancied BFP and new people entered the story.

All names will be changed and some will be named using a symbol system I made back in the day.. anyway you will get the jist.


In Graphics Armstrong chose a design for my survey thing saying it’s cool! At the end told him it isn’t going to win and he told me it has to win it’s cool! Speak to him quite a bit! First time I have actually acknowledged him in school life! 


Spoke to Armstrong loads today. At one point he looked at my folder and told me he liked some of the bands that I did. 


In lesson today Miss told me and BFP to stop flirting because I stole his pen and he wanted any excuse to touch me – everyone thought we were going out!!!


Today funny. Wrestling tournament between boys! Been speaking to Grayson quite a lot! Not being horrible but in a funny way he kind of scares me. I’m there on my own now and again and he just starts talking To me. Today he did this outside both sciences. In biology was on a computer he sat on computer next to us. We started having a long conversation. We spoke about New York, journeys etc. Outside chemistry he showed me his (I think the word is ruler maybe? I had no idea photo below – maybe you can work it out I can’t actually read the rest if this page as can’t read my writing! 


In lesson we were going to do a presentation on volcanos I was meant to be working with paul and Armstrong but paul buggered off somewhere so it was me and Armstrong we spoke a lot in Lesson a lot last Thursday eye contact – but this was for 50 mins!!!! He first showed me some cool movie he had made. We then did presentation so cool! He made the volcano move like it was erupting – Heavy! 

We spoke about work experience (he may want to be an archeologist). What we spoke about was cool! 

More tomorrow… 

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