FEATURE: A voice that should be in animation?

It’s not everyday you listen to a band’s music and the first thought you get is ‘that guys voice belongs in an animated film.” I listen to a hell of a lot of music that ranges from a lot of different genres – i love listening to anything from rock music, to pop music and even heavy metal if I am in the right frame of mind.

There are some songs that you come across and the vocals really stand out and you remember that musician for having such a unique voice. I have listened to songs and thought such things as ‘this song belongs in a film’ or ‘this song would be great on a advert / have a music video for it’ but never have i hear a voice and thought ‘ this singer should be voicing an animated film or more accurately, a prince / hero from a Disney film.’

I was listening to Canadian band Marianas Trench the other day and started to listen to an album that I don’t listen to that frequently and i came across a song which made me feel that Josh Ramsey’s voice really does belong in animation. When I wrote the feature A Little Thing Called, I expressed my admiration for his voice and its strength but never have i thought that it could be used in film.  Now ask you to do the test right now and see what you think by closing your eyes and listening to the song below. Do you see what i mean!?

Screen Shot 2017-04-25 at 10.49.44Whenever I hear this song now I imagine a scene of a man and a girl similar to Rapunzel and Eugene in Tangled, meeting for one of the first times and this being ‘their song’ like all animated couples have (I see the Light in Tangled, Something There That Wasn’t Before – Beauty and The Beast, Paris Holds the Key To Your Heart – Anastasia etc etc).  It feels like an animated film with the storyline of a girl who notices that she has made the wrong decision to choose the rich prince over the guy that she met randomly / who is there throughout the whole film, the ‘realisation he was there all along’ scene. 






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