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Forgotten Pop! This Week – The 411

Today we look at a girl group that was around at the early 2000s and then suddenly disappeared off the radar a few years later. They formed when they were backing vocals on a song by Lemar and one of the members, Tisha Martin, was known for appearing in CBBC hit shows at the time, Kerching and The Basil Brush Show. Today we are looking at the RnB girl group, The 411.

The group were signed to Sony and were named after a Mary J Blige album called Whats The 411? The original line up was made up of Carolyn Owlett, Tanya Boniface, Tisha Martin, Suzie Furlonger and Nuala Farrelly. Their first single was released in 2003 was called “On My Knees” and was reached number 5 in the UK charts. Their second single was called Dumb and did even better and reached number 3 in the charts.

The girls debut album was called Between the Sheets and featured all their singles and was released in France and Japan as well as the UK, the album did well and became certified silver in 2004. The band sadly had a short lived career and broke up in 2005. There have been a few formations / tries from members to enter back into the music industry however none of the tries have been that successful. So lets spend today looking at the girls catalogue of songs

On my Knees



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