Yes And…Part 14 -Project Runway

This week I didn’t get to do any improv as the schedule I am currently doing at work is really insane so sadly, inprov couldn’t fit in. So this week I am going to talk about something that I am noticing is becoming a really important thing in short form – self editing.

img_4304The one thing that I have found really important preparing for our first show Is knowing how to self edit a scene – you need to be focussed and on the ball as to when a scene needs to come to a close. This is important in a show as you only have limited time to present yourself on stage and you don’t want to bore the audience with long boring scenes or leave them feeling dissapointed that a scene does not go on long enough.

The best easy that I have come to notice this works is by really taking in the story and the audience reactions around you. If the story is feeling like it is coming to its natural end then it will be easy to self edit the end and the scene will naturally come. Sometimes listening to the audiences reaction can also help – if they are finding something particularly funny then make sure the scene ends with resolving / highlighting this area even more then you usually would.

What we did for our show is with one of the scenes we pre planned the way to self edit the first game. Our first game was a rhyming game where we each say two lines of rhyme and then someone else would speak. We pre planned this game by deciding the best way to self edit is to make sure we each have three times to rhyme. When we get to the third round of rhyming we would make sure that the lines we were saying round up the scene. It worked really well as we all knew when to self edit and what to look out for in the scene.

Case Study – Project Runway

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 16.33.10

One day i was bored and sat down and watched the seasons of Project Runway on Netflix for something different to do and actually found it a pretty interesting and helpful case study in regards to improv.

One thing that the designers are constantly asked to do is edit, edit, edit their work and make sure things are perfect before they go out on a runway / viewing to be judged. In fashion as well as in comedy, self editing for an audience is a very important thing to do. In improv its important to end scenes at the right time, and in fashion its important to make sure that the outfits are edited in the right way and to perfection.

From watching the two seasons available on Netflix, it made me realise that self editing is something that is important in comedy and something that isn’t really spoken about a lot, but if you are doing shows it’s highly important.

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