The Games That Time Forgot – Austin Powers: Welcome To My Lair, Gameboy Color

Back in 2000, there was one character that was a comedy icon that took the mickey out of james Bond as well as make Mike Myers an even bigger star then he already was and that was the characters around the film Austin Powers. As well as being a big hit film, there was also a Gameboy Color Game that ran alongside this called Austin Powers: Welcome to My Underground Lair!

The game was developed by Tarantula Studios and was published by Rockstar Games. The game is a simulation of the computer that is owned by Dr Evil. The aim of the game is play a variety of mini games including such games as the Mojo Maze which is similar to the Pac Man style games however in this version you are collecting Mojo. Another example of mini games that are in the game include Domination which is similar to Reversi, Rock Paper Scissors and a racing game with a motor bike where you are riding a vehicle called Kin Evil. Throughout the game you can also customize backgrounds, add theme sounds and screensavers.

The game ties in with the film as there is a section where you can use a simulated internet system to find out more about the characters of the Austin Powers franchise. There were many reviews on this game and sadly a lot of them pointed to poor results. Apparently the game did not have a lot to do which lead to people on average only playing the game approx 5.6 hours.


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