The B’Stard is about to become a legacy again! 

It was announced last week that the much loved comedy show that became a huge hit thanks to the comedy talents of Rik Mayall is getting a spin off. Thats right, the political comedy, The New Statesmen, that gave the world Sir Alan B’Stard is getting a new show for the modern ever changing political world that we live in.

The new show is apparently going to be called The B’Stard Legacy, is going to be all about the son of Alan who is called Arron and is about a son that was created as a result of a sperm donation who owns a number of websites including the world’s most popular social media platform. There is no news yet as to when the show will be filmed or released on television, however the producers have stated that this is the time that the “world needs in the time of the alt-right and Fake News.”

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