The Games That Time Forgot -Muppet Monster Adventure, PS1

I felt it was time to tell you about one of my all time favourite games on the Playstation One and I had an experience a good 5 years ago when I kicked myself for even forgetting this game existed and when I saw it pop up randomly one day on Amazon I HAD to have it no matter what the price was (and because of the rarity of this game it wasn’t as cheap as what Playstation One games are these days and paid a reasonable amount for it.)

Now, before I go any further I should say, I am a huge Muppets fan and have grown up with them by being introduced from a very early age (and it could explain why my favourite animal is a tree frog). However, i know for a FACT that this game is the reason why Pepe the Prawn became one of my favourite Muppets. The game I am talking about if you havent guessed it already is Muppet Monster Adventure.

I have vague but very strong memories of playing this game as a kid, we came across it at our local Blockbusters and rented it out more then once. However once I returned it to the shop the memory of it completely faded from my mind which still upsets me to this day as I remember how much joy it brought to me. The one thing I loved about it is the format of the game.

The idea of the game was to play as Kermits nephew Robin the Frog to help save the other Muppets as they have all turned into monsters due to the evil energies that are about in an old castle in which they were visiting to help Dr. Bunsen Honeydew listen to the will of his uncle. Robin is presented with a Power Glove which is to help him save the Muppets from the evil energy. The glove gets rid of the evil and puts it inside the backpack that the amphibian is wearing.

The game was developed for Playstation by Magenta Software and Jim Henson Interactive and was published by both Midway Home Entertainment and SCEE in 2000. When the game was released it recieved relatively positive reviews by both critics and gamers.

Whilst there was mixed reviews, for me it was the most amazing game in the world! ok, so the gameplay is a bit clunky (and if you pay it now you really do notice the difference and find it a bit hard to manouevre). However, whilst it followed the standard format for platform games that are 3D, the imagination that had gone into it was pretty impressive. I have played many Muppet Games in my time but this one sticks out in my memory as you can morph the hero Robin into many different Monsters to help his fellow buddies out. One minute you could be flying like Dracula and another time Climb thanks to the powers of the Wocka Wocka Werebears powers.

To open each of the levels you had to have enough ‘evil energy’ in your backpack and then after three of them you have to fight a boss before continuing. To open a boss level however did not depend on thr evil energy but on the Kermit the Frog shaped tokens that you had to collect on each level.

Whilst it may be out dated now with the advancements of graphics and playability, if you are a Muppet fan or just looking for a fun, silly game then this is one that is not to be missed. Maybe you will just like me, start to favour Pepe the Prawn as one of your favourite Muppets when he keeps calling out for you in the game.

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