Your sitting there and you are watching an episode of one of your favourite sitcoms that you havent watched in forever because you overwatched it and now you feel like it is time to treat yourself. You turn it on and start to watch your guilty pleasure show at first you are really into it, and then (especially if its on Netflix or Amazon Prime) let it roll on and it becomes a binge watch and you stop really paying attention to the story and just sort of let it become background noise. The suddenley it happens – you hear the words that make you sort of freeze inside “I’m [insert your age here] and my life is awesome / bad / fantastic”.

When oh when oh WHEN did i become the same age at Ted Moseby / Monica Gellar / Joey Tribbiani  etc etc. I never used to be that age, their age seemed so far away in the distance, just something that one day i KNEW i would be but it was something i either inspired to be when i was that age, or just thought pft they are that age and that is happening to them. Or the worst of the worst happens you realise in that few years gap you have had from refraining to watch the show you have becme OLDER then them!

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Luckily, I am not at the point of being older then any of them (its always hilarious to see how Penny is at 22 in the first season, whilst her life isnt that successful as an actress she has got her own appartment! yeah, right!) I am currently at THE age of them at the moment and the realisation made me think oh god.

Its just a weird experience knowing that you are now at the age that some of these characters in these shows and that you always thought that similar life choices and chances would be the same or similar. Loads of the characters in these shows that had leads in the their twenties have their own place which is huge, reasonably good jobs, amazing life experiences and everything else that you would want them to have.

Now switch back to reality – most people in their late twenties and early thirties can’t afford to own their own swanky apartment especially in places like London and New York its just to expensive! I mean there are some people who do own their place but no way as big as the apartment that Monica has or even Penny for that matter!Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 11.31.01

Whilst these shows are great and still make you laugh and smile it no matter what your age is, they will still make you twinge a little bit inside about the life you are living compared to their lavish lifestyles on the screen. Now whilst we should not be comparing ourselves to the world of sitcoms, sometimes it is hard not to and makes you want to reflect on your life and what you have achieved till now – and if you look back you have done a lot and also in the sitcoms they always forget the age of their characters anyway – Joey from Friends jumped two years in one season!