Yes And…part 7 – Lego

Hello! so, this week i couldn’t go to any improv training as last minute something came up in a private manner that stopped me attending the group meet for the development of our group – however this week i have spent a lot of time getting marketing materials, animations and design work done for our troupe – so all was not lost!

This week however there has been one thing that has inspired me and I suppose made me take a step back and think more about the world of Improv and the style of improvisation i enjoy. Now I have written many times before, that I adore physical style improv and sometimes  i feel that it can sometimes get lost in the games and people sometimes forget to emphasise their physicality on stage. Something else that i have grown to like in Improv is thinking outside the box and coming up with ideas that people are least expecting which can make the biggest laughs.

This week there has been one thing in particular that has got me thinking a lot about creativity – Lego. I recently bought Batman Lego on PSP and whilst i like the Lego games i don’t really play them that much because like all things i have to be in the mood for them. There is one thing however that Lego is great for and makes it a great case study for Improv – The Creativity.

Lets start with the computer games – Whilst I am not the biggest fan of the collection process of the game and sometimes the format of the games I do love the creativity behind the games themselves. The fact that they build so much side story into their games and really think out of the box whilst doing so which make them even more creative. For example take the game Batman Lego I am playing, i recently completed a level where you are in Poison Ivy’s garden and you bulldoze the whole of her garden for points and then you build a sprinkler to then regrow the lego – such a little thing but it is really funny to come back the flowers are gradually growing out of lego Pieces. Another example is Harry Potter Lego Games. The magical world already has a lot of creativity around it however lego take it to the next step and bring those random ideas even further and a lot of them you don’t expect that they make you laugh.

I watched the Lego Movie for the first time about 6 months later then everyone else, and when I watched it i initially didn’t get the whole idea of it and didn’t really enjoy it but as soon as i got near the end i was really surprised as to what happens and totally understood it. Thats the thing about Lego – it opens up your imagination and also makes you expect the unexpected.

Thats what a good Improv show should do – it should have a baseline that it follows but ever so often there should be something that happens or springs out of the scene that the audience does not expect which makes them laugh and find it unique. Thats why i like the people that I have formed an improv troupe with. Whilst we are good at doing the basics of improv, they can also go in a completely different direction as to what you were thinking and really hit a scene out of the park with its uniqueness.

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