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The Travel Book – The Sherlock Holmes Museum, 221b Baker Street, London

You watched all the television shows based on the famous detective, you have read the books and now you want to visit the actual house that is based on one of the most famous houses in storytelling. If this sounds like you then you must visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum in London.

Based at the location described in the books, 221b Baker Street, the museum was opened in 1990 and pays homage to all things Sherlock Holmes. To gain access to the museum, you first have to visit the gift shop to buy a ticket. Once you have bought your ticket you then need to join the queue of many Sherlock Holmes fans waiting to visit the famous house.

The queue does not that that long to go down and when you are near the famous black door you will be welcomed by an actor playing a Victorian police officer (who has been placed there to manage the queues etc) When you are allowed inside the house, there are two different floors to visit and in both levels you are only allowed a limited time in each.

When you first access the living room, a maid will tell you information about the rooms and about Sherlock Holmes and then you will get some time to look around the living room and the bedroom to explore the different artefacts that are placed around the house to represent the famous house and reflect the many stories of Sherlock Holmes.

The next floor has a room with a whole bunch of mannequins to represent the characters in Sherlock Holmes such as Moriarty, Irene Adler plus many more from the stories such as Violet Hunter from The Copper Beeches short story and Mr Godfrey Staunton from The Missing Three Quarter.

At the bottom of the museum there is a massive gift shop for all of your Sherlock Holmes needs. If you are looking for the location for where the television show Sherlock is made, then this is not it, that is near Euston station and if you Google filming locations it will pop up in an instant. However if you are looking for a museum that reflects the stories of Sherlock Holmes and the history around the characters then this is a museum for you.

I would say from personal experience, make sure you have read the books before you go, i went without reading them and walking away thinking it was ok but a waste of money. However if you are a Sherlock Holmes nerd and have experience of the books then I would recommend this Museum as you will find it really interesting.


Based on a visit in 2015 

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