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Forgotten Pop! This Week -Code Red

This afternoon we look at a boyband that was runners up to Gina G in 1996 in the Great British Song Contest – Code Red.


The band was formed of four men, Phillip Andrew Rodell, Neil James Watts, Lee John Missen and Roger Ratajcak and were formed in 1996 being signed by Polydor Records. The song they released agains Gina G was “I Gave You Everything”. They released an album called Scarlett in 1997 and singles such as This is Our Song, Is There Someone Out There? and a cover of Can We Talk were all released off the album.

The band was popular in Asia that their second album they released two years later called Missin You Already which featured singles such as What Would You Do If? and What Good is a Heart reached number 2.

The band broke up in 2001 and the highest they reached in the UK charts was number 29. So get a cup of tea and have a look of their back catalogue below.

I Gave You Everything

This Is Our Song

Can We Talk

Is There Someone Out There?




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