In the town centre of Sevilla, there is a tiny alley way that if you did not was there, you would not know existed and down there is a tiny little Italian Restaurant that if you visit this area of Spain the then you must give it a visit.

Now, it’s not a normal thing to go to a Spanish country to eat good Italian food, however if you are looking for a break from the Tapas, Paella and Iberian Ham, then this is a place that you need to check out when you are in Sevilla.

The easiest way to describe where this little hidden wonder lies, is by describing the shops that it is near. If you head to the centre of Sevilla and look for the clothes shop C&A then you will only be a very shop five minute walk away. Opposite the C&A shop, there is a picture on the wall that is made up of Shiny wall tiles of an old fashioned looking picture and to the right of this image (if you are standing in front of C&A and looking straight on at it ) there is a little alley way that looks like a pathway to a set of apartments, but do not be fooled, this is the way to the Italian.

The prawn cocktail

The restaurant, named Il Vesuvio, looks closed from the initial steps into the ally way (and if it’s not between the times of 1-4pm or 7-11pm then it will be) but do not be put off by this as their lightning can not be seen straight away.

The restaurant is quite small and in the busy hours it can fill up very fast with visiting tourists or with its regulars, so if you plan to visit in the middle of peak times, then the best thing is to book via the phone as they do not have a direct website.

The restaurant is one of the top rated Italians in Sevilla on Trip Advisor and when you go inside it’s not hard to see why. I visited this restaurant not once but twice on a long trip to the area as the food was delicious and the staff are so friendly and treat you with a smile on their face and a kindness to their speech.

Both the starters and main courses are of a reasonable price and you receive a decent sized portion for the price you pay. Some items like prawn cocktail for a starter may seem a tad pricey for €10 but you realise it’s actually pretty reasonable for fish when you look at the pastas for main and they serve a similar price for the pasta with fish.

The lasagne

The food is tasty, the wine is really nice and if you ask the waiter to recommend a drink they will provide you with the best which is also pretty cheap for a glass of it. If you are looking for a nice meal for all the family then keep an eye out for this hidden gem as you will walk away full and with a smile on both your face and in your stomach.