For our first forgotten pop of 2017 we are going International! Back in the mid nineties there was a band that was briefly popular in France and Germany that had a line up that changed are then any Sugarbabes tribute act would and that band was called Worlds Apart.


The various line ups included Marcus Patrick and Brothers Beyond Nathan Moore. They released their first album in the UK and after a number of concerts and tours and television appearances they became a popular name in the rest of Europe.

The quickly became the biggest band in Germany and even were supported by The Backstreet Boys and N Sync. The band were huge in France as well and sold over 10 million records across Europe and the Middle East and Asia.

The band however, never really became a hit in the UK with their debut album reaching only 88 in the charts and their singles charting no higher then 15. So lets have a look at the band that sadly missed out on UK fame.

Everlasting Love

Baby Come Back

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