screen-shot-2016-10-27-at-8-46-14-amThey are still set to appear on our regular feature of Forgotton Pop but today we look at a band that drove the world wild with their catchy song MMMBop in 1997 and in recent years have reformed and are still making music.

Back in the nineties when the group were in their prime, they released a single called Everybody Knows the Claus. The song is off the Christmas album called Snowed In. It was the best selling holiday album in 1997 in the USA and sold 863,000 copies. Here are the lyrics to their single off it so you can sing along.

Don’t you smell the cookies he’s bakin’
Can’t you see that belly, its shakin’
Don’t take a cookie off of that pan
You don’t want to mess with this man.

You’ve never seen this side of him before
You know he won’t be knockin’ at your door

Here comes Santa Claus
Doin’ all those good things
Everybody know the cause
Here comes Santa Claus
You know he’s the big man
Don’t mess with the boss

Ask Rudolph and he won’t steer you wrong
Santa wasn’t this fat all along
Until he started cookin one day
Don’t try and take that turkey away


Cruisin’ down the air highway on his sleigh
Bringing all the presents for the next day
Don’t forget the donuts

His cookies and his milk are his pride
Or anything that can be deep-fried
Don’t get me wrong Santa’s a nice guy
But you don’t want to get on his bad side