Buzzfeed The Movie?

Everyone is jumping on the bandwagon recently and creating films on various formats of websites, but it looks like a new website none ever imagined would go down that route is about to jump on the film content making market.

The social website Buzzfeed that is known for is short viral articles and quizzes and putting news into bitesize pieces for the youth is set to create a film starring Big Bang Theorys lead star, Jim Parsons called Brother Orange.

Warner Brothers is teaming up with BuzzFeed Motion Pictures to tell the story of the internet phenomenon. Jim will not only star in the film but will also produce it alongside Todd Spiewak and the duo’s That’s Wonderful Productions company.

As The Hollywood Reporter states:

Parsons will play BuzzFeed editor Matt Stopera, who in 2014 had his iPhone stolen. Unbeknownst to him, the cellphone made its way to China and, a year later, random pictures began appearing on his photo stream, including a number of pictures of a serious-looking man in front of an orange tree.

The editor did a series of stories about the incident, and the story went viral in China, exploding on social platform Weibo with more than 20 million views in 24 hours and over 100 million total shares. There, the online community dubbed the man Li Hongjun (“Brother Orange”) and helped Stopera track him down. Stopera eventually sought out Hongjun in China, with both becoming overnight celebrities. Back in the U.S., the two appeared on Ellen.

The movie’s story follows an unlikely, accidental friendship that transcends cultural divides.

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