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A Little Thing Called Travel – Sunsets

If there is one thing I love about travelling it’s the sunsets. I don’t know what it is about them but there is nothing more amazing them seeing a beautiful orange sun in the sky slowly setting in the distance over an exotic country.

One of my hobbies is photography and one of the things I love doing the most is taking photos of a great sunset. Some of the best photos I have taken of sunsets have been out at sea on a cruise. There is nothing more magical then seeing a sun setting over the dark horizon of an ocean.

There is nothing more peaceful then a sunset and i love the colours that it creates in the sky from the deep orange and yellows to the vivd reds on a miserable day, there are so many beautiful picturesque images that are created from these views and have created some of the best paintings in art museums and photography.

Here are some of my favourite sunset pictures and my reasons behind why i love them so much.

New York, 2010


This was one of my favourite sunsets I saw when i Lived in NYC. It was on the day of Independence day and my friends and I were waiting for the Macy fireworks to start. I remember seeing this sunset and loving the colours that it produced.

Bournemouth, 2009


This photo was taken with one of the first professional cameras I ever had a go on. I really like this photo because of the reflection of the sun on the sand and that everything seems so at peace.

Norway, 2012


This was on one of the first ever cruises I went on and remember seeing the rays bursting through the clouds and being absolutely amazed at the rays it was causing.

Tunisia, 2013


Some of the best sunsets I have seen have been off the coast of North Africa, the sun seems to have a mind of its own near there and the colour that it created in the sky and the unusual style of clouds was amazing to see and the fact that it altered even step of the way down too was phenomenal.


Canne, 2013


The reason i like this sunset photo of that I love the silhouettes it has created of the people and the mountains in the background.

Madeira, 2015

I really liked the sunsets in Madeira because they were very beautiful and had a mind of their own. The colours were vibrant and really painted the sky.



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