Remake Season – The Comedy – The Odd Couple

There are many shows that have been remade in recent years and this is one of the sitcoms that has had this treatment. Matthew Perry is a self confessed massive fan of the original Odd Couple especially the 1968 films which lead to the inspiration for the revived series.


Matthew has been pitching the idea as a television show idea since the late 2000’s and was expecting it to be picked up and created for 2010. Many of the executives in television kept rejecting the idea and he got picked up to work on a television show for NBC called Go On which was cancelled after only one season.

When this happened,he decided to go back to his original baby, the Odd Couple remake and luckily it got picked up in 2013. The remake was updated as it was shot as a multi-camera comedy for CBS. In February 2014 CBS ordered the pilot to series for 13 episode season to have a mid-season premiere. The show will be going into its third season last month and potentially looks like a bright future for the remake. The show however has received mix reviews from the critics. Whilst the critics praise Matthew Perry and Thomas Lennon as their portrayal of the characters on the remake, the show has been criticised for its flat jokes and canned laughter.


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