The Sheldon Cooper spin off show Experiment

Its been announced that there is a Prequel show in the works for the huge sitcom hit, The Big Bang Theory. The prequel will look at the young life of the shows star, Shledon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons.

The Big Bang Theory Co-Creators Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady and show runner Steve Molaro are set to oversee the project and get it up and running. The show has been described as a project like Malcolm in the Middle but with a young teenage version of Sheldon Cooper. It has been announced that Jim Parsons will be an executive producer on the new show.

A lot it being kept under wraps at the moment but lets look at story lines that have arisen before in the show and discuss the ones we would like to see:

The One Where Sheldons Mother Gets Him Tested

Its a constant running joke on the long running sitcom and its about time the world saw they way this happened and how it happened.

The Brother

The brother is always mentioned throughout the show lets hope that he plays a distinctive role in the sitcom so that the world can finally see what he is like

The Twin Sister

She has appeared on numerous occasions on the show and we have heard the rivaly between them so lets see what happens when they have to live in the same house hold.


One of Sheldons favorite people and someone that he talks so highly about, it would be lovely to see this relationship on screen and the closeness they have (and also her famous moon pie)

The Church

As Sheldon as stated and also seen from his mother, he grew up in a very religious household, it will be interesting to see the struggle between the two sides.

The Neighbours

Sheldon and his mother have mentioned before about the neighbours bullying Sheldon but hinm being ignorant to it and thinking they are jealous of him, would be a funny running storyline if this consisted.

The Christmas Gifts

Sheldon has time and time again spoke about ‘disappointing’ presents that he has got growing up, whilst most kids would love the gifts, he hates them and always gets disappointed.

The Papa

He has stated in shows before that he was the only one in his family that believed in him becoming a scientist so would be a lovely relationship to see.


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