A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Travel – Music and a Journey

If there is one thing I love about travelling, it has to be the music that goes with it. Whenever i have a big journey ahead of me I always make sure that I have a playlist that goes with the journey at hand. Some of the trips I have done I have listened to music hour upon hour and have used it to make the journey go quicker or to bring an element of entertainment to it etc. Here are a few music related stories to show you just how much I love having a bunch of good music at hand and artists that I turn to for travelling.

Olly Murs, Slovenia

In 2015, I went to Slovenia to visit one of my friends and I had to take an early morning flight to Zurich and then change to a flight that went to Ljubianja. For the whole  time I was on the planes, waiting and then waiting at the airport for my friend i had my iPod on Olly Murs, what i didn’t realise is until i was sitting in a cafe in Ljubiana airport was that my iPod was on repeat and that i had accidentally listened to Olly Murs constantly for 9 hours on loop. Oops!

Tom Delonge, General Travel

If there is one voice i love listening to when I travel, it is Tom Delonge. I have always loved Toms voice (even though when i fist listened to Blink i thought his voice was Marks voice0 I find it very relaxing and i can listen to it anywhere. Also I find that voices like Toms are like a comfort blanket to me and can be a great thing to listen to if i feel homesick.

5ive, Devon

When I was a kid, 5ive was one of the groups I loved listening to on holidays to Devon with my grandparents. I had all  my cassettes of five and would listen to them on loop none stop. I used to love their album called Invincible as it had some cracking pop tunes on it.

Marianas Trench, Newcastle

The past year i loved in Newcastle for work and whenever I had to get the train back and forth to London I would have Marianas Trench playing in my ears. Their music is like a theatrical journey if you listen to their albums from the beginning to end and it made train journeys that little bit more exciting.

Backstreet Boys, Long Flights

Backstreet Boys are another boy band I loved in my childhood, however I still listen to them now if i have to sleep on a long flight somewhere. Their albums Unbreakable and Never Gone have some great songs to fall asleep to as they are relaxing and really soothing to listen to.

Fall Out Boy, Washington and New York

If there is one band that is constantly in my headphones when I go to America, it is Fall Out Boy. When I lived in NYC in 2010 I did a lot of travelling by myself to different areas to go sightseeing and one of them was a bus ride to Washington DC from NYC which took about 4 hours and I slept pretty much the whole way, but listened to the band pretty much the whole day whilst i was exploring.

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