Welcome to the month where we will be discussing all things remakes, everything from television to film, television and music! Recently in the media there has been a huge saturation of everything being remade whether its making a film into a television series, bringing back old comedies and giving them a new “fresh” look or covering songs that are old and making them something new.


This month we will be looking at the new television shows and the popular trend of making television shows out of famous films such as Taken and Lethal Weapon and also about whether the film industry needs to be remaking classic films just to change the gender roles.

In music we will look at some of the best and worst covers of songs as well as whether bands should recycle music videos to “remake” and release a new song, or is it just lazy?


In comedy we will look at the influx of sitcoms that are being remade for younger audiences and whether it is a positive or negative impact on the original classic.


The world is an ever evolving and remake of a place at the moment so come with us as we celebrate, discuss and maybe even loathe the world of the remake!