The Month Of the Geek – part 2

[Spoken in a train announcers voice] Nerdtopia has been on a break for a few weeks due to an irritating pancreas. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and would like to inform you that normal services will resume with immediate effect.

So now that’s said… Hello everyone and welcome back to my Nerdtopia. Last time we spoke I had just finished telling you all about my first eight picks for my Geeky Pic A Day challenge. I hope you have all had a nerdy time since then, whilst I have been stuck in bed, with only Witcher Geralt for company, if only in real life.


Here are the next choices for my challenge, enjoy…


Day Nine – Most Wanted Item


I couldn’t choose just one so instead I cheated and made a collage of my five most wanted geek items. No.1 is Kittan’s mech from Gurren Lagann, the first anime series I truly fell in love with, which you can probably tell seeing as 4/5 of these are from the show. No.2 is Yoko Littner as a teacher (goals). No.3 is the chase Green Goblin Funko Pop. Chase means metallic for those of you who do not collect pops. No.4 is teacher Yoko with kids. No.5 is Kittan himself. Everyone loves Kamina but it’s all about Kittan for me.


Day Ten – A Soundtrackscreen-shot-2016-10-29-at-20-28-07

This was a no brainer for me; the American Pie The Wedding album. I listened to this on repeat for years as a teenager. I had the case signed by my dream girl, Alison Hannigan, and it had all the best pop punk on it. It was the perfect soundtrack for a 00’s semi emo skater girl. Man I miss the American Pie years.


Day Eleven – A Hero

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-20-28-20It will come as no surprise, to those that know me, that I chose the one and only Superman. I am fully aware that being a Superman fan is deemed ‘uncool’, even amongst the nerd community, but I do not care. Clark Kent played a huge role in shaping my view on the world, growing up. He helped to instill a strong morale compass and taught me that even when it is within my power to take over, that it is always right to, instead, help others to be the best that they can be.

You may also have noticed that I chose a picture of Tom Welling as Superman. I grew up in the Smallville era and so to me Tom will always be CK, just as Erica Durance will always be Lois Lane.

Day Twelve – A Meme


Again I cheated. I LOVE memes. Not the making fun of a real person type, but the inside jokes kind. I can spend hours procrastinating looking at memes and usually crying with laughter. How can I be expected to pick just one. Also as this challenge fell right in the middle of my current Witcher obsession, of course, I chose Witcher related memes.

I love these. Poor old scenery loving Roach. He is so loyal to a straight up thief.


Day Thirteen – A TV Show


This was a really hard one to pick. I have been apart of quite a few strong TV fandoms over the years; from Buffy the Vampire Slayer, to Smallville, to True Blood, to Game of Thrones, honestly the list is endless. But no fandom has even been as strong as that of JJ Abrhams’ greatest show ever… FRINGE! (Lost sucks!)

For those of you unfamiliar with the show, Fringe is a sci-fi show centred around an adorable but mad and often maniacal scientist, his ever suffering son and a special division of the FBI, that deals with what we would call the paranormal. John Noble, from Lord of the Rings, plays Walter Bishop, the mad scientist, and is honestly the greatest actor I have ever seen. He makes you fall in love with Walter, hate him and fear him all at once. I have never loved a character so much and I doubt I ever will again.

I actually only found the show because I missed Joshua Jackson, from Dawson’s Creek, so decided to see what else he was in and boy am I glad I did. Fringe ran for five seasons but was almost cancelled after the fourth. I was part of a global Twitter campaign that was responsible for showing Fox that people LOVED the show, and ultimately for getting them to give us a fifth season.

If you have never seen Fringe you need to sort that out right away. It is on Netflix both here in the UK and in the US.


Day Fourteen – A Movie Poster


This one hits a nerve. I picked the Joker version of the Suicidé Squad Movie poster. As at the time I thought I was going to be lucky enough to be getting the cinema banner version of this, which I intended to use in my new Youtube studio once we had moved. However due to the aforementioned irritating pancreas this never happened.

I am currently on the hunt for some cool studio decorations.


Day Fifteen – A Geeky Tattoo


It’s like they made this category for me. I have three geeky tats so far. The comedy mask Joker tat is a work in progress and will be joined by a tragedy mask version of Harley Quinn next year. Symbolising my fandom as well as my passion for teaching drama. My Superman tat was my second piece of ink and is now 10 years old. My little green men are my little mascots, reminding me to find the joy in everything. They help me remember a much simpler time when Toy Story first came out, and everything was all smiles and playtime.

I am also planning on getting two thigh pieces in the near future; one Triss Merigold from The Witcher 3 and the other Yoko Littner from Gurren Lagann. I see them both in a pin up style, and can’t wait to get them done.

Day Sixteen – A Celebrity Crush


Ok I know this is greedy but I had to pick two. These two ladies have long held a place in my.heart. Alison Mack was the beautiful Chloe in Smallville and I am going to meet her in November at the Wales Comic Con. I am so excited about this as I fan girled over her for ten years on screen and several since.

Willow Rosenburg has always been my favourite female character. From the first time I saw Buffy, Alyson Hannigan has always been my girl.Back in ’96 she opened my eyes to the world and helped me realise who I truly am. She was the first woman I ever had a crush on back before I had ever heard the terms gay, straight or bi. I just knew she was beautiful and that I wanted to kiss her pretty face.




Day Seventeen – A 2017 Film I am Excited For


Now yeah, I could have chosen any number of comic book movies, or Kingsmen 2 or the new Kong but I am honestly more excited about the hilarious looking Batman Lego Movie than any of these. The first Lego movie was sheer genius and Batman was clearly the best part of the universe. This incarnation is an egotistical disaster and hilarity ensures whenever he opens his mouth. So a whole movie just about him? Hell yes!


Day Eighteen – A Geeky T Shirt

screen-shot-2016-10-29-at-20-37-21I chose Ad’s awesome TMNT shirt, as he was wearing this in his dating site profile pic, when he first messaged me. When his message came through and I saw that tee I was so excited to find a nerd like me. I had the exact same print on my fave jumper as a kid. I remember thinking “YES finally someone who will understand my nerdisms” and here we are about to celebrate our 3 year anniversary.


Looking back at these has made me smile. It’s funny how much little geeky things can affect who we become.

I look forward to sharing the rest of the challenge with you soon.





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