A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Travel – Early Memories

I have various early memories of travelling and going on holiday in my childhood. Most of the time on family holidays we would stay in the uk but there were a few times when we went abroad to places such as Malta or Spain. I used to love going away whether it was just to another part of England, on a school trip or a fun time away – the travelling part was always enough to get me excited.

I used to love the journey because it was the one time i could just sit there and listen to my music on cassette or cd, over and over again whilst daydreaming. A lot hasn’t changed much really apart from the device I listen to music on. There are so many memories and trips that I could tell you about but here are a few.



When I was a kid I went to Spain a few times and stayed in a holiday villa on the South Coast. I loved Spain from the first time I went there – the hot weather, the beach, the orange juice and the food. It is such a beautiful country and to this day still really enjoy going. i don’t really remember that much a I was about 8 but i do remember swimming a lot.

Bologne and Calais


We went for a few day trips in school to different countries that related to certain lessons. In year 8 we went to Calais and Bologne for a French trip, to learn how baguettes were made, to talk French and to explore the areas. I don’t remember that much about it but i am sure I enjoyed it  – my photographs sure depict that.



One of the areas that I used to go away a lot to as a kid was Devon – the long road trips down I used to love as it was time i could really listen to my music and really loved the views too. I used to love going to Devon because of the beaches, the views and also the places we used to stay. We used to stay in caravan parks that when your a child are great places to be as there are so many activities.



We used to away to Portsmouth for a mini break away and we always had a fantastic time we would go for day trips to the Isle of Wight, walk for miles along the coast and so much more. There are many happy memories in Portsmouth and always enjoy going there even today.

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