Podcast Month – My favourite Podcasts

I’ll be the first to admit that I used to be very skeptical about podcasts. What did I want with an MP3 of someone talking at me for an hour, or so, when I could just listen to music or read a book?  I didn’t even listen to my first one until October last year when I accidentally stumbled across a new Chris Moyles Show podcast three years after his last Radio 1 show aired. I remember the sheer joy that hit me when I realised that Moyles had been snapped up by another station and that they released podcasts of all of the best bits from the show every week. “YESS” I thought “finally the funny is back in my mornings”.


Radio X, the channel that signed Moyles, is an alternative station, devoted to rock/indie music and good banter. Honestly it is like they made a station directly for us  late 80’s early 90’s babies. The music is incredible with the Foo a Fighters, Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Oasis, Blur and Blink 182 heading up the most commonly played list.  But it it the DJs that make this station what it is, and boy do they cater to my generation.

In the morning you have Chris Moyles, the man who single handedly made the school run bearable, and Vernon Kay, T4’s original lad. Then in the afternoon you get none other than Mr Johnny Vaughan of Big Breakfast fame. Just yes! Vaughany makes for an excellent DJ, opting for a team based show similar to Moyles, which is nothing short of award worthy. Plus on the weekends you get Ricky Wilson from the Kaiser Chiefs djing. Honestly I could not have found a station more up my street than this.

At the time I only lived ten minutes away from the school I taught in and so I didn’t get enough car time to listen to a whole radio show. But from the short snippets of nostalgia filled mornings with Moyles and journeys home with Vaughn I knew I had to hear more. So I started to download their podcasts each week. Listening to them before bed or as I was getting ready in the morning has become part of my daily routine and I can’t imagine not having their banter to keep me smiling and awake each day.

Moyles’ cast is full of hilarious pranks on his team and Vernon Kay, as well as Chris’s views on the world. The great thing about the new Chris Moyles Show is that Radio X are letting him run it his way, so with the podcast you are getting pure comedy genius, no holds barred.


Vaughany’s cast is an intelligent and comedic look at current affairs and our Britain. Each week the show sponsor a small town in the country and share hilarious facts and stories about it. His features are original and full of comedy gold, such as my favourite Random Grafiti, where listeners send in seemingly meaningless and random Grafiti and the team try to figure out where in the heck it spawned from.

It is safe to say that after a year of listening to Vaughn and Moyles I am a true Podcast convert.
If you are a fan of good quality banter then these podcasts are definitely for you.

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