If you are looking for a book that is easy to read and is all about the life of being on SNL and the American Improv scene then this is the book for you.


The autobiography of Amy Poehler takes you on a journey that you may not of been expecting when you opened the book – it ventures through a variety of different topics in no particular order but all are written in a variety of depth which allow you to get inside the head of one of the leading women in Hollywood.

There are some topics that you pro ably wouldn’t expect to be in this book – such as coping with divorce, not specifically about her break down of marriage to Will Armett but giving advice of all different scenarios to the reader, her experiences with drugs, which again you wouldn’t expect someone like Amy to be so open and descriptive about her experiences.

There is a big chunk of the book dedicated to working on shows like SNL and Parks and Recreation and really shows that the relationships are strong in both these shows and that whilst it is all fun and games there is a lot of stress hard work and long late night behind the scenes.

Read about Amy’s journeys of working all the way up to her due date on SNL and also read a chapter that was written specifically for her by one of her best mates, Seth Myers and really takes you on a journey begins the scenes.

Overall, this is a really interesting book to read, even if you are not a fan of Amy you will find it easy to read and something relatable.

Readability Rating: 7/10