Ed Fargher – Improv London Podcast

Baron Edmund of Fargher was greeted at the door of his ancestral home by his butler Alfred.

“And how was Gotham City, sir?” enquired Alfred, in an English accent.

“Oh, simply tedious, my good man,” replied Baron Fargher, “with the exception of one thing…”

Alfred sighed as he took Baron Fargher’s coat, “Was it the company of Ms Selina Kyle, sir?”

“No, Alfred, it was a thing more curious and beautiful than that expert burglar, highly skilled gymnast, highly skilled hand-to-hand combatant who utilizes bullwhips, razor-sharp retractable claws, and steel spring-loaded climbing pitons.”

“But… what could that be?” spluttered Alfred in surprise. He brought Baron Fargher the single malt whiskey his master always required when he’d visited the city.

Reclining on his favourite leather-backed arm chair in the Great Hall, Baron Fargher threw a bone to his Irish Wolfhound, who caught it lazily in his mouth and began to maul the gift by the blazing fire. Baron Fargher began his tale…

“I was interviewed by Stuart Moses on the Improv London Podcast…”

“Ahh, I trust you deported yourself with the usual professional detachment?”

“Quite so, Alfred.”

Alfred pointed to the generic MP3 player that lay on the mantelpiece. The display flashed, indicating its paused nature. It was clear Alfred had been listening to Episode 48 of the Improv London Podcast when his master had returned.

“I’m pretty sure you’ll find most guests fall off their chair, burp and leave their phone on during an interview,” Baron Fargher bluffed.

Alfred said nothing. Quite loudly. Then he added, “I do at least hope that you mentioned the Giggle Loop podcast?” though plainly he already knew the answer to the question.

“Oh, yes,” said Baron Fargher, “I even gave you a mention or two.”

“I’m not sure that was necessary, sir,” replied Alfred, “but tell me did you mention Sketch, Please! – the open source comedy podcast where we create a sketch show based on your submitted sketches!”

Baron Fargher nodded.

“And did you talk about Ed & Friends? In which you meet ordinary people with less than ordinary lives. You’ll get in deep with fun people and fascinating subjects.”

Baron Fargher nodded once more.

“And Dead Drunk Detective…”

“Yes, yes…”

“Well that only leaves Giggle Loop’s Main Event taking place this Saturday at The Miller…”


“Yes, Alfred, all were discussed at length,” said Baron Fargher wearily, “Now be a good man and see if Cook has made any more of her delightful macaroons…”

“Quite so,” said Alfred, departing the room at an appropriate pace.

Alone at last, Baron Fargher stared into the flames of the fire…

Next episode: The Improv London Podcast will return.

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