A Little Thing Called

A Little Thing Called Comedy – Musical Laughs

If there is one thing that i love is when my two passions combine together to make something magical. Music and comedy go hand in hand and sometimes they create the best songs and even music videos. There are some comedians that are famously known for singing comedic songs and then there are others that have bands and release comedy based songs from time to time and then you have bands that release comedic videos to run alongside their songs. There are so many that we could put under this title and so many I enjoy but I will limit my list you to feast your eyes upon.

Lonely Island

I really like Lonely Island and really enjoy both their songs and their music videos that accompany them. Each of them have different themes and whilst some of them are really stupid the songs are really highly addictive.


Before all the drama over the past few years with the band and way back into the early years of the group there were a whole bunch of songs that were comical with stupid lyrics and silly topics. The one thing I really like about Retro Blink is the music videos – they all had comical humour and were just as fun to watch as well as listen to the song.

Tim Minchin

I came across Tim Minchins music one day at work when I wanted something different to listen to. His songs are his stand up show and are what made him as big as what he is today and some of the songs that he has released are really funny, especially to watch with his facial expressions and comedic timing.

Weird Al

The king of parody songs has to go to Weird Al as he had some corkers over the years anything from changing the lyrics to famous songs such as Michael Jackson hits all the way to songs by Lady GaGa. The music videos that go with the songs are funny to watch and also create emphasis to the song topic.


If there was one video that you were always waiting on tender hooks for it was none other then Mister Marshall Mathers himself as his videos and lyrics were always comedy gold and so fun to watch and that you could watch over and over again.



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