The Taskmaster set to reign for two more series

The free view channel Dave has commissioned another two more seasons of the hit television show, Taskmaster. The show sees a number of comedians perform in really silly tasks to see who is the best at each of the challenges. In the past seasons comedians such as Josh Widdicombe, Frank Skinner, Jon Richardson and Pointless Richard Osman have all appeared.

The new series which is set to air this week (and has exclusive access already for Sky customers) is set to see comedians Al Murray, Sarah Pascoe, Dave Gorman, Paul Chowdry and Rob Beckett compete head to head in some silly tasks including a pea, a microwave and snow.


The line up for the future episodes have not been announced but here are some classic clips to get you in the mood for the new series.

Microwave task

Watermelon task 

Shopping Task 

Three Blind Mice

Impress The Mayor Task 

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