The Music Guide – Busted Special – Charlie Simpson

It was announced last week that Busted are set to release their first album in 12 years this November. So to celebrate the return of the boy band, we will have a look at each of the bands solo careers and music projects away from the group. Finally we look at Charlie Simpson.


Charlie was the reason that Busted disbanded as he did enjoy the popstar life and wanted to focus on a career in Rock music and in 2003 he met Alex Westaway and formed Fightstar.

For a year he lead a secret double life and would attend rehearsals with his new band whilst also having to do duties with Busted. Fightstar released their debut EP called They Liked You Better When You Wre Dead in 2004 and in 2005 Charlie left Busted.

The band went on to release a full length studio album with rock producer Colin Richardson and Grand Unification was released in 2006 and gained high positive reviews. The band released three albums in total with their third album in 2009 called Be Human charting at number 20 in the UK charts.

In 2010 the band announced a hiatus and he started to work on solo music and released an album that was funded through Pledge Music on Christmas Day 2010 called We Were Lions. In 2011 he released a full solo album called Young Pilgrim and went straight to number 6 in the UK charts.

He released a second album called Long Road Home in 2014 and also embarked on a 13 date Uk solo tour. So lets have a look at the busy music career of Charlie Simpson.

Fightstar – Mercury Summer

Fightstar – Never Change

Fightstar – A City on Fire



Farmer and His Gun


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