Tonight, Channel 5 are launching their version of Impractical Jokers with the comedy sketch group Late Night Gimp Fight becoming the UK version of Sal, Q, Murr and Joe.

Now if you remember a while ago, BBC Three hosted a different UK version of the show with a bunch of comedians that were put together to make the franchise. However it did not work and show was an instant flop as it did not work. However, the fact that these guys, just like the Tenderloins have known each other for years could mean its something special.

The new UK version will follow a similar layout as the UK show where they will communicate to the joker via earpiece and tell them what to do. To also reel in the audiences to this new version the US Impractical Jokers have been brought in to promote the show as well which could mean that this new format is closer to the successful USA format. I have seen Late Night Gimp Fight perform their comedy show before live and they are very entertaining and know how to make an audience laugh so fingers crossed these skills with be enough to make THIS UK version a success.

The show starts tonight at 10:30pm on Channel 5.