Forgotten Pop! – This Week: Sarah Whatmore

This week we look at a musician that came from one of the first ever music reality television shows. This first season gave birth to a lot of famous musicians including Will Young and Gareth Gates, although some were forgotten about or are not remembered for their catchy songs. The musician I am talking about this week is Sarah Whatmore.

Sarah rose to fame in the first series of Pop Idol and ended up being signed to Simon Fuller’s RCA Records including a wordwide management deal with 19 Entertainment. In 2002 and 2003 she released 2 singles which both reached the top twenties in the charts. her third single failed to ever be released and her debut album that was in the works called Living Proof was cancelled.  She turned down the opportunity to become a backing singer for Kylie Minogue as she wanted to focus on her own music career. Over the years she wrote over 200 songs and in 2008 came up with an album of new material. Her first single in years was called Sarah Smile and was released in September in that year. The album was released in 2009 and after that she apparently there is no information as to whether she continues to make music.

So lets spend this Friday listening to some of the catchy songs that Sarah Whatmoer welcomed into the world.


When I Lost You 

Sarah Smile


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