Comedian Focus:Russell Howard and Steve Williams – Work In Progress

Each week we will not only be providing you with some of the genres of show available at the Fringe we are also going to do a ‘Comedian Focus’ section which will take an in depth look at a certain comedian playing at the Fringe. Since the Fringe is so close now we are going to keep firing shows you way in which we recommend you go and see. Today we will be talking about – Russell Howard and Steve Williams 

Where: Assembly George Square Studios (Venue 17)

When: August 3rd – 9th, 11th-21st

Time: 6:40pm

Cost: Previews – £5

About: This show is already selling out fast so if you want to be part of the audience then you will need to book your tickets fast! If you are a fan of either Russell Howard or Steve Williams then you should really check out this show because it is not that often you get to see people like Russell in a small environment. Both Russell and Steve get 30 minutes eact to test out new routines and new material it could be a night where anything could happen!

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