Forgotten Pop! This Week – Fe-M@il

Hello again! Today we are looking at bands that are soo lost inside the filing cabinet of pop that it is really hard to find any information on them. Earlier on today we re-introduced you to the world of Mero and now we are going to introduce you to a girl band.

This girl band I only heard of when I was a kid because they were on a Smash Hits VHS i had and they came before my favourite songs like Steps etc. The girl band I am talking about was Fe-M@il. Now, these girls are even harder to find then Mero and relying on Youtube comments to tell me all the information I can get. It was released around 2000,apparently the song is from African origons and there was an original song before this  and the one song that they were noted for in the UK had lyrics like this (again from youtube)

-Flee -Flee Fly -Flee Fly Floo -Lavista -No no nonono lavista -eni mini desalmine uhuh ahhh -hexa mini salamini uhuh ahh -eten bitten otten botten baba baditten datta doooo

So here is the music video we have been talking about where they all share the bus for one computer to email their friends…If anyone knows anymore on this band we would love to hear!

Flee Fly Flo 

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