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If there is one thing I love from a book that’s factual is the adventure. My main area of interest when it comes to adventure is the big white continent, Antarctica and also the freezing North, The Arctic. I am obsessed with reading stories about adventures that happen in these areas as it is the number one spot on my bucket list as to where I want to visit. The whole areas of these two places fascinate me as they are just so vast and some areas so unexplored that the mystery of them and the harshness of them completely fascinate me. I love reading books about adventurers that have taken it amongst themselves to explore and go on the most dangerous adventures in these areas. Some of the books I have read have been so nerve wracking and gripping that I felt it was only right to write an article in ode to these books.

Cold by Ranulph Fiennes

This by far is one of my favourite books in the area of all things frozen it is just fascinating. Before reading this book I didnt realise just how many amazing adventures Ranulph had endeavored. The whole book is a nail biting and exciting experience of all his adventures and some of them are truly amazing to read as it really does reveal the harshness of the cold and icy parts of the world. From reading this book i walked away feeling so inspired by Ranulph and is definitely one of my heroes. The stories about how he lost his fingers to frostbite, the dangers in which they encountered and the adventure of travelling to the North Pole to the South was such a great read and really recommend this book to anyone who wants a fantastic reading experience. 

Antarctica: An Intimate Potrait of the World’s Most Mysterious Continent by Gabrielle Walker

Media of Antarctica

Unlike Ranulph’s book this was  a factual book with a very different look at the continent – even more so that its from a perspective of a woman. There are not many women scientists in that area of the world so thats what makes this the first interesting point about this book. The second is that this takes an in depth look at the whole continent, not just focussing on just one area. There are some really interesting facts and stories in this book as well as some really funny ones about the penguins and their relationship with the scientists. There is one story in this book i will never forget is when they do work near the penguins, if they are in the way of one the penguin will hit the scientists with their flippers quite hard to make them move out the way. If you want to read a book that is so interesting and will make you fall in love even more so with this continent then this is the book i recommend.

Facing The Frozen Ocean by Bear Grylls

I won’t go too into depth about this book as I have already mentioned this book already in the section about my favourite reads. This book was amazing and truly nail gripping in some places, I am not usually a fan reading about books about the sea but when you read the journey and the dangers that laid ahead it fascinated me and really made my commutes to work in London really exciting and fascinating. The fact that anyone could achieve this journey in the first place really is amazing. Whilst most people look at Bear Grylls as a television personality that a few people believe is ‘fake’ i will always look at him with the highest respect after some of the stories I have read about him and the real danger that he has witnessed and overcome as he truly is an inspiration.

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