The One Where they Go on Tour…

It was announced this morning that the FriendsFest that took London by storm last years is set to go on tour later this year around the UK, although this time the festival has got bigger and better. Th event which is being ran by Comedy Central and Luna Cinema is expected to be loved by all Friends fans. The original price for the interactive experience was £5 but the new and improved version has risen its price to £24. So what can you expect to see on the travelling FriendsFest?

The event features hot locations from the programme such as Central Perk, Joey and Chandler’s apartment, Monicas Apartment, Joey’s Sand mermaid, The Vegas chapel of love and Monica’s Moon Dance Diner. Early bird tickets go on sale Thursday, with general release happening on Friday. The tour dates are:

August 24-29: Haggerston Park, Hoxton, London
September 1-4: Chiswick House and Gardens, London
September 7-11: Hylands House, Essex
September 14-18: Harewood House, Yorkshire
September 21-25: Knebworth House, Hertfordshire
September 28-October 1: Blenheim Palace, Oxfordshire

To celebrate the announcement of more real life Friends experiences lets have a look at the just five of the iconic story lines you could recreate in these interactive areas

1 The one with all the fussball 

If you are visiting joey and Chandlers appartment then there is only one thing you acn do – which doesn’t involve a duck and a chicken- and that is playing fussball. Re-live all the competition moments – just don’t get a Monica type person – or she will beat you all

2 The one with all the singing

Why not try you lungs out and be the next Phoebe in Central Perk and sing her classic hits such as Smelly Cat, Two of Them Kissed Last Night, The Cow in the Meadow and Sticky Shoes. Sing in tune or out of tune – no-one will judge you…maybe…

3 The one with all your friends clothes

Want to re-live the moment that Chandler and Joey have their big fight? Well that is easy, just raid your friends closet before you arrive at the event, put them on in the toilet and then walk into Monica’s apartment doing lunges and announcing could you ‘be anymore’ like them.

4  The one where Rachel finds out

Are you a fan of the episode when Rachel and Ross argue about the fact that they were on ‘ a break’ and Ross slept with someone? Well now you can re-live it! just get two friends to argue whilst the rest of you stand on the other side of the door.

5  The one where you bring along the Happy Days Game

When they were at the beach they played strip Happy Days as there was no cards and it ended up in some hilarious outcomes. So bring along the game and that Joey like friend that you want to put inside the mermaid…just exclude the whole stripping thing… that will most likely lead to you being kicked out.


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